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BSC Jobs Page

BSC Jobs Page

Open Positions

To apply, submit cover letter, resume and up to five references. References may be soccer related and professional related.   Please email to


(Part-time Position)

The Academy Director will report directly to the Club Director and will oversee all coaches and matters relating to coaching of BSC Academy Age Group Teams, duties as follows:


Oversight and supervision of U10 and younger Age Groups; teams, players, coaches, managers, and treasurers

  • Shared Oversight with Club Director and Director Of Coaching (DOC) over all age groups, teams, players, staff coaches, managers and all related items to the Academy program.

Assist in planning, implementing and overseeing Academy wide age group pool training and curriculum.

  • Academy Director in conjunction with the DOC and the Technical Director will provide a written schedule and curriculum prior to each season.
  • Curriculum and schedule are subject to change and revision at the DOCs and/or Associate Academy Directors discretion,
  • Continue to suggest how to evolve and revise the teaching curriculum, in consultation and approval of the Club Director; DOC & Technical Director.

Organize and implement periodic age group/team parent meetings; preferably prior to each season per team.

  • Engage with parents and deal proactively with any team, player, manager issues in consultation with the Club Director and/or DOC.
  • For issues related to administration of the manager(s) the Academy Director will inform the Club Manager and create a cooperative plan to address the issues at hand.
    • The Academy Director and manager will inform the Club Director and BSC Board of any issues and plans to address via brief email descriptions.

Player Development:

Work with the Club Director, DOC, & Technical Director for all matters related to player development;

  • This will include but will not be limited to:
    • Assisting in Tournament selection for all age groups
    • Assisting in League placement of all teams in all age groups
    • This includes all outdoor and winter/summer leagues


The Club Director will determine if the Academy Director will be the Head Coach of  a travel team(s) in any given year with input from the DOC.

The Academy Director will only be responsible for substituting for coaches during standard fall/spring league seasons.

With reasonable advance notice, Academy Director will make every effort to find an appropriate substitute staff coach to cover matches, trainings, and/or events in case of conflicts. If another coach, the DOC or Technical Director are unavailable, the Academy Director  will be responsible for covering the match(s), and as a last resort reschedule the soccer match/event. Notification of any action must be communicated to the Director well in advance and prior to 48 hours from conflict.


Goalkeeper playing & goalkeeping coaching experience can enhance the opportunity to be hired, but such experience is not required to apply for the Academy Director position.


Coaching Education: the DOC will work with Academy Director to provide coaching education, coaching education opportunities, and direction for the coaching staff to pursue and attain US Soccer licenses and United Soccer Coaches diplomas.

Responsible for periodic evaluation of each staff coach related to coaching done with the U10 and younger age groups in conjunction with DOC & Technical Director; provide a brief written and verbal evaluation of each staff coach to

  • To each individual coach, and
  • To the Club Director within 10 business days from the evaluation.


Provide a written update of any pertinent team, player, manager items related to teams in the U10 and younger  age groups for each scheduled BSC Board meeting;

  • Preferably 7 days in advance and a minimum of 3 days in advance
  • Discretion for adjustments to this expectation will reside with the Club Director

Attend Board meetings and report to the BSC Board upon request;

  • Requests will be provided in as timely a manner as possible - even if a late request is provided. The Associate Academy Director, if not able to attend, may provide input or feedback in writing pertaining to the topic at hand, within 24 hours of the request - unless an agreed upon later time frame is deemed reasonable by the President.
  • Responsible for responding to and providing pertinent information for any BSC Board inquiry by the BSC President in a timely manner - preferably within 24 hours, later if deemed reasonable by the President.


Other duties as assigned at the discretion of the Club Director - discussion amongst the Club Director, Director of Coaching and President will occur prior to final decision by the Club Director.

Represent BSC in a professional manner at all times;

Before this contract is binding the Academy Director must pass a background check conducted through BSC and NCYSA.  The Academy Director agrees to promptly complete online the forms required to initiate such background check. If the Academy Director fails to pass the background check, this contract shall be null and void.


This is a part-time position. There is a yearly salary for this position that will be discussed with any candidate during final interviewing at the discretion of the Director.  This is a supplemental income opportunity, initially.

This position is best suited for someone who lives locally and can commute from a reasonable distance - as determined by the candidate. This position will remain part-time for the foreseeable future.

There will be opportunity for additional per session income related to work with any and all BSC Clinics & Camps at the discretion of the Director.  Additional income opportunities will be possible beyond the first year of employment. This is a position suited for someone who can apply themselves in a growth opportunity organization.

Goalkeeping playing & goalkeeping coaching experience will create additional income opportunity. Goalkeeping experience is not required to be considered for Academy Director position.

Submit cover letter, resume and up to five references. References may be soccer related and professional related.   Please email to

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