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Club Program Dues

All club expenses, including Club Dues and Team Fees, are combined into a single "Club Program Dues" that will be paid directly to the club over a 9-month payment plan for all players except for High School girls teams (U15+) that play only in the fall season.

Uniforms are purchased separately from You will receive a link to purchase your uniform.

BSC dues include coaching salary and travel expenses, field usage fees, referee fees, NYCSA registration and player carding, tournament registration for 9U+, training equipment and administration. 


  • Any player who accepts his/her position is responsible for all fees, including the tryout fee, acceptance fee and club dues, for the entire year.

  • If any one fee is not paid BSC can refuse your spot on a roster, suspend your player card or remove you from the team/club.

  • No refunds will be given at any time, unless the player suffers a season ending injury or if the family relocates to a geographic location making it impossible for the player to continue playing for BSC.

  • Family of player must fill out the Refund Request form and clearly provide details about their season ending injury or relocation.

  • Family of player will need to provide documentation supporting such details.

  • Any reduction or change in club fees amount will be determined on a case by case basis and will be reviewed by the BSC Board.

  • In some circumstances an administrative fee may apply. Please allow 7-10 days for BSC's Board to review your situation.

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