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Youth Academy Program

Burlington Soccer Club houses all of the 6, 7, 8, and 9 year olds in the Youth Academy.  The Academy is designed to emphasize player development and focus on the soccer skills enhancement of each child without the pressure of short term wins/losses/results.

If your child has interest in soccer, this is a great place to lay the foundation for success. The BSC Youth Academy teaches the fundamentals of soccer, and we also instill life lessons, proper learning, and great passion for whatever you decide to do!  It is more than just soccer! 

Our Youth Academy follows an established yearly curriculum, and children are placed in groups based on how any one child learns the basics of this great game.  We will continuously monitor the development of each child because each person develops differently over time. 

Please see the frequently asked questions below and before you register. We look forward to seeing your child smiling and playing this great game! 


Burlington Soccer Club
Youth Academy  U8 - U10
Youth Academy Juniors U7

 When to join the Youth Academy?

  • This is always the main question we are asked.  The answer - the earlier the better.  
  • Parents always comment on the difference just a year makes to their child's development within the Youth Academy.  
  • You can start as early as 6 years old.  
  • Learning all the proper techniques and skills at the youngest ages is imperative to the next phases for continuing the pure enjoyment of this great game for children!!  
  • You can also join the Youth Academy at ANY TIME! We have an open enrollment policy and inexpensive fees. 

Is there a tryout?

There are no tryouts for the Youth Academy!  Our staff will evaluate each player and place them in the most appropriate training and playing group.

What do I get in the Youth Academy?

  • The Youth Academy trains twice a week for 1 hour during the 2 playing seasons (Fall and Spring).  
  • There are 6-8 "play dates" in each season on the weekends.  This will consist of about 2 games per team on each date.  About half of those dates are home dates (at Springwood Park), and about half of those dates are away dates that range from 20-40 mins away.  
  • The Fall roughly begins in early August and ends in early November.  
  • The Spring roughly begins in early February and ends in early May.  
  • Each player will receive 2 written evaluations throughout the playing year.

How far do I travel in the Youth Academy?

The Youth Academy travels roughly 4-5 times each season (on weekends) to other associations within 20-40 mins of us!  So the travel is minimal!

How much does the Youth Academy cost?

  • The Youth Academy 8U-10U, the Youth Academy Juniors 7U  and the Soccer Introduction 6U programs have been restructured to make the entire Academy program more affordable for all families. 
  • We have created programming the allows for more children to be involved with a progressive commitment level and appropriately challenging practice environments.
  • The restructured fees are being finalized and require Board approval. Once this process is complete we will announce all programming right here. 

What happens after the Youth Academy?

The next phase of the soccer path is 11U soccer.  At this age the players are evaluated and are selected to play on specific level teams.  These teams play in a North Carolina soccer league where they play other 11U teams around the area; the format of plays is 9v9 and standings start to be kept.


You may contact our Academy Director at any 

time with questions: 

We are here to help and create a great environment for you and your child!    

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